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The Time for Planting…

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Another quick update.  So it would seem the time for planting is almost upon us, again.  I can’t believe that this coming weekend is Memorial Day.  Where does the time go?  It seems like only yesterday I was out shovelling a mountain’s worth of snow off the driveway.  Well, this is Michigan, it was almost yesterday.

In truth, though, the time is flying by.  Summer will be here in a few short days, and in a few weeks the vegetables go in for the garden.  Before we know it the leaves will be changing and it’ll start all over again.

Before that, is all the hard work.  Yesterday was full of it.  We tilled the ground for the first “break up” and added quite a bit of peat and horse manure to the plot to build it up.  It was hard work, but the soil looks better than ever.  We’re hoping for a good crop this year.  It’ll need to be tilled one more time before planting, but we’re on our way.  Because of the cold weather that is still hanging around and how late the other trees and plants were to bloom this year we are going to wait an extra week to plant.  Traditionally, around here everyone plants on Memorial Weekend.  Well, we’re going to plant the following weekend, I think.  Means a slightly later harvest, but if we can avoid any chance of snap freezes, it’s worth it.

Otherwise, yesterday was a booming success for the new smoker.  After a lot of deliberating, we picked up a propane smoker on Saturday.  It’s a decent size thing, with a few bells and whistles.  Thanks to a $20.00 off coupon, we got a good deal on it.  Sunday, we put a chunk of pork shoulder in after brining it for 24 hours.  A little dry rub, and last night we had a great pulled pork.  Boy, how I missed that.  Michigan has a lot to offer but good barbecue is not one of them.  We put a good size chunk of the pork in a cure for the next 10 days.  Then we’ll smoke that up and if all goes well, we’ll have home made bacon.

Also… it’s dandelion season here in Michigan.  The fields have turned yellow.  You know what that means, right?  Time for Dandelion Jelly!  Our neighbour and J spent a good bit of time out in the yard picking what must be 20 cups of dandelions.  That’s enough for several batches of jelly, and what I’ve been waiting to make… Dandelion Wine!  Yep.. booze from weeds.  Never underestimate even the humblest of plants.

So, there you have it… it was a beautiful weekend, with finally great weather.  We managed to get a lot done, and have a little fun in the process.

Can’t ask for more than that.

PS – The first butterfly of the year.. enjoying the dandelions.



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