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Morels… a Silver Lining…

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Just a quickie.  So.. the day before yesterday I tried to go out and mow the lawn.  It’s been raining here EVERYDAY for the last two weeks.  I wish that was an exaggeration.  It’s not.  So we had a few hours of less rain, and I ran out to at least try to mow the near front and back yards.  Well, I managed to make a few passes with the tractor before the damn thing crapped out.  It seems there’s a problem with the mower deck drive belt.  It’s not staying taunt enough to spin the blades without causing the thing to vibrate apart.  I tried replacing the belt to no avail, so now I need to take the entire deck off and see if anything looks out of whack.  Otherwise, my only other thought is to replace the cable that engages the tensioner pulley.  Anyway.. it’s going to take a bit to fix.

Then, yesterday, our neighbour was walking through our yard and saw a bit of fungus gold.  A Morel mushroom.  She came and got me, and between us we managed to find a good dozen of the things… right in our front yard.  This weekend was likely to include a trip to a nearby state park to hunt, but mother nature gave us a head start.

To think, if the mower had worked, I’d have run them all down.

Not sure if a pouch full of mushrooms (even very good mushrooms) is worth the headache fixing the mower is going to be, but in an effort to see the glass half-full.  The silver lining to an otherwise terrible situation… morels.  In my front yard.


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