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So,  10 days to the day after passing my Amateur Radio License exam… Technician (the lowest level) the FCC issued my call sign.  It is the seemingly random KD8YSK.

I plan on taking the next level exam (General) within a month, so it may change.  Not sure how they do it, but it might just be the first letter to indicate the higher license class.  Who knows.

Either way… I’m legal to transmit.

I did pick up a cheap HT (hand held) radio that transmits on the 2M and 70cm bands.  Pretty much only good for local chatting and hitting the repeaters.  I’ll program it tomorrow and see how it does.  Fun, Fun.

Heck.. in a week or so once I have a chance to really play with the radio, maybe I’ll write a review of it and use that new functionality of the website for the first time.  Who knows?


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