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Choo.. Choo.. Goes the Polar Express

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Not really much to this post.  More a quick feel good update and some photos.  To the sophisticated urbanite there is little to recommend living in a small town in the middle of Michigan.  However, if you happen to be in to trains, there are few better places to be.  It turns out little Owosso, Michigan has quite a history with steam trains.  A Google search will have to satisfy your historical curiosities, or you can visit the Owosso Michigan Steam Railroading Institute website.  That’s right, we have our very own Steam Railroad Museum.  Take that World’s Largest Ball of Twine.

Not only do we have a steam railroad museum, but we are lucky to have quite a star in our small town; the Real Polar Express; Pere Marquette 1225.  That’s right, the train from that film that Tom Hanks would probably like to forget.  Yes, it’s a real train, and no, as far as I know it doesn’t actually fly you to the North Pole.  What is does do, though, is take you on a few hour ride where you get to meet Santa Claus (or at least a man dressed up like Santa Claus).  You and your kids (because please tell me you’re doing this for your kids) can have a fun day out all for the mere price of a few mortgage payments.  All trips throughout December are sold out months in advance.

So, what is a poor person to do?  Well, we go and stand out at a railroad crossing in an otherwise deserted part of town.  We went with our neighbour and encountered about half a dozen others who had the same idea.  Between turning pennies in to pancakes and trying not to freeze, I managed to get a few photos of the historic engine.

All the commercialism aside the engine is a marvel of American engineering at the turn of the 20th century.  So, enjoy the photos.


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